FT Associate Dentist

$100,000 - $150,000 yearly
  • Dr. Soapes Dental
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Apr 05, 2022
Full time, Part time GP

What are some features of your dental practice?

The practice has been in existence for 40 years in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Located across the street form the Frankford Transportation Center  where the Frankford El/Subway line ends an the bus routes for the Northeast Philadelphia begin. The patient population is very diverse in all respects.  Large Afro-American and Hispanic contingents (a little Spanish goes a long way) All types of insurance (starting to get rid of the capitation,  signed up with the best PPO,  Medicaid--a little compassion goes a long way--but you might catch a bad review I'm not the "worst dentist in the world" because you never came back to get your fillings done until you were in pain and had to get tooth removed because you can't afford a molar root canal and your insurance doesn't pay for it.  But most of our patients are very good, understanding and appreciative people.  The staff is the same.  We are like a little family looking to expand  (please not through pregnancy!) But we have survived a number of those too!  And one last thing,  It's been 40 years and it''s time to cut back looking for a partner/purchaser,  But again I agree with Dr Nachos on this too.  Got to get to know one another first.

Daily Guarantee


What procedures will the associate be doing?

First let's start by saying that I am complete agreement  with the suggestions of what a hiring dentist and the dentist  being hired should look for and expect as outlined in the information  in the three courses on finding an associateship and this is essentially the way we have always done this.  With regard to procedures done, and as explained in the course work, It is good to do some hygiene when getting started.  We tend to give new patients to new associates so they can treatment plan inline with what they want to do whenever possible.  There is a lot of restorative work to do.  There are as many emergency patients as we have time to see which translates into endo and crown or fixed bridges, or extractions.  implants  or dentures.  We do implants and restore them.  Some cases referred out for the implant but restored here.  We do have a Cerec as well.  Full orthodontics done here. Office has Panoramic and Cephalometric radiographs.