Comprehensive Restorative Dentist with Surgical Skills

$350,000 - $556,000 yearly
  • Summit Dental
  • Layton, UT, USA
  • Dec 06, 2022
Full time GP

What are some features of your dental practice?

We have a 10,000sqft office space that is 5 years new and supported with Adec chairs and delivery systems, CBCT/3D, Cerec CAD/CAM, digital xrays, electric handpieces and all around outstanding technology. 

Our greatest feature at Summit is our office culture, which I've outlined below. 

Qualities and Characteristics include and require the following: Integrity, loyalty, confidentiality, honesty, emotional maturity, strong work  ethic, conscientious, high internal emotional need to succeed, proactive, independent, self-directed and  self-motivated (low maintenance), organized, strong follow thru and follow-up skills, articulate (a good communicator), detail oriented, and high personal standard of excellence. 

If you can commit to and live with these principles, then you’re the type of person who will be successful  and help our company thrive. If you feel this level of accountability is not right for you, that you’re not  willing or able to engage with us at this level and take the steps necessary to do what you say you are  going to do and be accountable for your actions…. In other words, live “Above the Line”, then we are not  a good fit and you don’t belong here with us. We understand that not every person is ready for this level  of commitment, and we appreciate the honesty of those who decide this is not the right place for them.  On the other hand, you would make an ideal candidate to join our company if you are willing to commit to  the following above the line principles: 

· Accountability: See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It 

· Become part of the solution 

· Respect for others and their feelings 

· Act now! 

· Ask the question: “What else can I do?” 

· Ask the questions: “What coaching do you have for me?  What can I do better?”

· Personal responsibility

· Reject average 

· Show others that you care (This is the most important one) 

Our business culture is defined by three simple rules: (from Coach Lou Holtz)

1. Do the right thing 

2. Do the best you can 

3. Show others that you care. 

If you are qualified and interested in helping us continue our over two decades of profitable success, please send us a cover letter which tells us about you, your work experience, how that experience will support  you in being successful with our company and why you are the best person to join our team and do the work this job entails. This position is available immediately (effective Nov 16, 2022). We have the ability  to wait for the right person and would expect that would include the appropriate notice to your current  employer.  


Daily Guarantee


What procedures will the associate be doing?

“A” Player only.

We have a group practice consisting of 3 GP dentists and an orthodontist.  Our office is in Layton, UT. Our expectations are high, the  compensation package is generous, our culture is best in class and we take care of our employees and  customers. You will have ample time and patient flow along with lots of support to understand and master the various outcomes required. 

The ideal candidate is happy where he/she is currently employed but feels like they lack the patient flow and opportunity to utilize all the skills and additional education they have invested in post-dental school  We would like to hire someone who is interested in a career, not a  job, who wants to do the work and be recognized for a job well done. Someone that has at least 5-10 years clinical experience in a traditional practice environment is required. Massive flexibility and autonomy in the structure of your day will require you to be very organized and efficient with a commitment to quality outcomes, patient connection,  communication.

The three main job requirements are: 

1. Comprehensive Diagnosis and Tx planning

2. Clear communication and connection with team and patients

3. Delivery of results for patients and the practice

Among other things, you will be solely responsible for the following: 

• Diagnosis, consultations and tx planning  

• Confident delivery of treatments including: Exams, extractions, dental implant placement and restoration, bone grafting, cosmetic dentistry, comprehensive cases and occlusion management, molar endo, oral conscious and/or IV sedation. 

• Clear lab communication to ensure successful outcomes

• Timely and accurate clinical notes

• Support & coaching to continually grow the team (DA. Hyg, etc.)

• Participate and contribute in team trainings and meetings. 


You must have: 

• Utah Dental License or Class C or D Dental anesthesia license 

• 5+ years of experience  

• A desire to work full-time

•move/live within a 30 minute commute to the practice

• Surgical skills and additional training/experience to deliver comprehensive dental care