Dental Transformations

I am the owner doctor of several dynamic and flourishing dental offices in NC. Treatment for patients is booked out 6 months in many of the offices and we are looking for great doctors who have a passion for what they do. 

Come experience what it’s like to be treated like a true Dental Professional. Where our word is our bond and success abounds. Live near the beautiful beaches of North Carolina and create a beautiful life for you and your family. High daily guarantee of 1k for experienced doctors. Compensation is on production not collections. Between you and me, paying a doctor on collections is highway robbery. Production percentage is tiered 31-33%. With the highest insurance and cash payments in the country.

If partnership is a great fit, we eliminate all sweat equity and growth that the practice has seen while you are working.

Call or text and let’s chat about your future goals and how we can help you achieve them here in North Carolina. Get out of the rat race.

Oral Surgeons look no further. FFS and you will be taking over the position of the only oral surgeon in the NE corner of North Carolina, who in his prime was the highest compensated OS in the country.