Today’s Dental Care

We are a three-doctor small group with four locations all about ten miles apart.  All three doctors are owners and equal partners.  

At Today’s Dental Care our mission is to make a difference in the world by making a positive impact in the life of each patient and team member. We accomplish our mission through caring and providing for the people we love.

Included is a copy of our Mission Statement and Core Values page.  Please become familiar with this page as is the motivation behind all that we do.  These will be the constant guiding principles that will center us as we continually change and evolve into the future.  

Treatment philosophy.

Our treatment philosophy is to understand our patients, educate them about their current oral health and inspire them to be proactive about a healthy beautiful smile.  

Individuals are motivated by different things, and that is the case in dentistry.  People are also different and respond differently depending on their personality and learning style.  Our goal is to first understand the type of personality we are speaking with, to connect on a real level, to understand how they learn and to speak their language.  Second, we educate with these perspectives in mind.  

We believe that patients deserve to have a healthy, functional, beautiful smile their entire life.  We expect that for ourselves and encourage that for our patients.  Often patients enter our practice without the education or hope of that smile for life.  As they come to understand how that is possible, they will be healthier, happier and grateful to us for caring.

We will never perform treatment that is unnecessary and unwanted.  Patients will understand our recommendations for disease control, restoration of function and cosmetic treatment.  They will also understand the risks and benefits of all treatment. 

We expect our doctors to believe in the treatment they offer.  We believe that implants are the best way to restore missing teeth.  Most root canals need full coverage crowns.  We follow the recommendations of the ADA which encourages full coverage crowns on teeth with compromised strength or fractures in situations where more than 50% of coronal tooth structure is missing. 

In addition to ‘bread and butter dentistry,” we offer treatment for migraine headaches, orthodontics, the worn dentition and accompanying parafunction.  We offer cosmetic and pediatric dentistry.  If you are uncomfortable with any procedures feel free to refer to other providers in the practice first then specialists as needed.  

We offer removable appliances as an option for patients; however, we do inform patients of the damage that partial dentures cause on adjacent teeth and supporting bone.  We also explain the negative health consequences of bone loss and loss of function associated with missing teeth. 

If there is any dentistry that is not clinically acceptable, or has failed in an untimely manner that was completed by a Doctor while part of the TDC family, we will “make it right” no questions asked at no charge to the patient. We act with the utmost integrity when treating our patients.   

Continuing Education.

We strive to be the best clinical dentists we can be.  Regular continuing education is expected, Doctors are expected to schedule and attend continuing education that will advance their skill-set and improve their ability to lead.  Today’s Dental Care will pay for up to $2,500 toward continuing education each year. 

All doctors will be expected to provide quality dentistry.  If there are areas where clinical training is desired or needed, we expect that such training will be accomplished.  


One of the greatest benefits of a group is that it allows for greater freedom.  Our hope is that we will have the freedom to pursue our passions in and out of dentistry as we work together, refer to one another and hold each other accountable.  

Each Doctor will be given the freedom to practice in their location as the “de facto” owner doctor.  Budget constraints and systems will be wonderful tools that will the practices to be more profitable and the doctors to be free from constant training.  

Doctors are expected to follow the current systems set forth in how we complete the new patient exam.  These systems are the foundation upon which we can execute our mission and treatment philosophy.  All systems are subject to change as we discover better ways of doing things.  We encourage collaboration when creating and implementing systems as we would like employees from all locations to be able to move between locations as seamlessly as possible.


Our hope is that you will feel a great sense of work-life balance.  As we take ownership of our lives, our care and our practices we will find fulfillment.  We encourage time off for family and personal development.  We also encourage a love of dentistry, our patients and our community. 


Associates will be paid 30% of collections.  For the first 6 months the associate will be paid a $700/day base.  At the end of each month any collections that exceed the $700 base will be paid to the associate. 


After six months employment, associates will be given the opportunity to purchase 50% of the practice within which they are performing dentistry full time. One year after said purchase with ownership consent, an equal portion of half the remaining group will be made available for purchase. 

On-Boarding Requirements

All new doctors are required to read this document, the employee handbook.

Please read (or listen to) the following books:  (Take notes and be ready to use these principles)

  1. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.  

  2. The Four Disciplines of Execution By Sean Covey.

  3. The Economics of Higher Purpose


Doctors must also shadow a current doctor for a minimum of three clinical days within the first month to see how we practice.  

Additional continuing education or training will be required as deemed necessary by the owning doctors.  

Once again, welcome to Today’s Dental Care, you are going to love it here.




Don Wyatt

Founder Today’s Dental Care LLC

Att. Mission Statement.  


Make a difference in the world by making a positive impact in the life of each patient and team member. We accomplish our mission through caring and providing for the people we love.


Respect for the individual—we must always remember that respect for patient and team member is a standard that will influence and motivate all we do.

Honesty and Integrity—we will always do the right thing without compromise.

Attention to detail—the root of exquisite dentistry and service.

Hard work—an overarching principle that must be a part of each team member and all we do.

Continual improvement—Today’s Dental Care provides the best of yesterday and tomorrow.  The only thing better than Today's Dental Care is tomorrow’s!

Love—We love our patients and team; they are our friends, so we sincerely strive to make a positive impact in their lives.  


TEAM: A fulfilling, rewarding and inspiring place to work where we love and lift one another.

PATIENTS: A caring, comfortable, inspiring dental home where patients feel part of our family.

PRACTICE: A highly profitable, systems-driven practice that runs so well we are free to focus on our love. 

CULTURE: A culture of integrity, love, work, respect, improvement and attention to detail that inspires.


We will make Today's Dental Care the most positive healthcare experience anywhere.

Respect the patient by appreciating, serving and understanding them.

Integrity always does what is best for the patient

Integrity empowers patients through education that produces patient understanding.

Attention to detail in every aspect of the patient experience.

Continuously work to improve all areas of the patient experience.


Allow team members to use vision, hard work, attention to detail and respect to add value to the patient experience and their work. 

Integrity means each team member is held accountable.

As we work harder and smarter we will be rewarded adequately.

Every team member has the right and responsibility to the tools needed for continuous improvement.

Continuing education every year for every employee.

Employee driven and chosen goals, education and vision.

An empowered team improves upon the details daily. 

No one, including the doctor, is immune to honestly and respectfully confronting the brutal facts of where we can improve. 

Apr 17, 2024
Full time
$175,000 - $350,000 yearly
Today’s Dental Care Buhl, ID, USA
Premium solo practice with satellite, in a highly desirable growing area of Idaho.  The Magic Valley is centrally located to 15 world-class ski resorts, camping, hiking, rafting, boating, mountain biking and more.  Three hours from Salt Lake City and 90 minutes from Boise ID.  Sunshine and moderate weather in the valley compared to the nearby mountains.  If Idaho were a day of the week it would be a Sunday.  People are amazing and kind easy to work with as patients and easy to find great team members.   Guarantee with benefits and the chance to learn and have ownership if desired. We are looking for a full-time, enthusiastic dentist to join us in our beautiful, newly-built 10 operatory practice in Jerome, ID. Additional busy five-operatory satellite 20 minutes away. We have an in-house lab with a skilled dental technician, anesthesia, and mentoring to help you grow whatever skill sets you aspire to. This includes implantology, full mouth restoration, orthodontics, occlusion,...