Precision Dental

Precision Dental is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It's the PERFECT location, just being 45 minutes north of Nashville, TN. But the city itself and the people that live there are just a couple of reasons why Precision Dental is the fastest-growing dental practice in the state. Precision Dental opened its doors in August of 2018. Yes, you read that correctly. That means this "sky is the limit" practice is a startup that has only been open for 5 years. Those five years have been filled with ups, downs, and all-arounds that have made Precision Dental into a *seemingly* overnight success. That overnight success perception is just that...perception. The team at Precision Dental know all too well that their current status in the dental community (and beyond) is well-deserved and validated through their hard work, dedication, growth-mindset, teamwork, never-ending attention to detail, and overall attitude of gratitude that drives them to literally THRIVE every single day. But don't just take our word for it, the 1000+ Google reviews left by our incredible patients says it all. Precision Dental was founded and started by Dr. Bryan Packard and his wife Alison, and they have recently partnered with Dr. Naz, who just so happens to be Dr. Bryan's Army Battle Buddy. Precision Dental recently acquired a second location, a well-respected and established practice who has been serving Bowling Green the last 25 years. And get this...with plans of expansion! Precision Dental is a pillar in the Bowling Green community and continues to serve and support its claim that, "It's More Than Dentistry."