Harrington Family Health Center

  • Harrington, Maine, USA

Position Summary

The Dentist provides clinical dental services and preventive dental care as prescribed by the Maine State Dental Board. The prime focus will be examining, diagnosing, and developing treatment plans for infections and injuries of the teeth and mouth. Carrying out the treatment plan in a competent and efficient manner is then expected.  The Dentist is responsible for the supervision of the dental assistants and dental hygienists of the health center.  The Dentist works closely with the Medical Director, Quality Team and CEO to ensure integration of patient services.


Essential Job Functions


a.       Delivers a high standard of patient care, using advanced autonomous clinical dental skills, and a broad and in-depth theoretical knowledge base, such as:

                                             i.            Evaluate patients’ intraoral & peri-oral hard and soft tissue condition; including caries, endodontic/periodontal pathology, soft tissue and developmental pathology.

                                           ii.            Diagnose and treat Emergency Dental situations such as toothaches, broken teeth/restorations, dislodged crown/bridges, broken off denture teeth etc.

                                          iii.            Develop patient treatment plan; including Preventative, endodontic, Periodontal, Restorative, Prosthetic and follow up care.

                                         iv.            Refer out complex Endodontic, Surgical and Periodontal treatment. Perform and complete the remaining portion of treatment plan.

                                           v.            Typically, all or nearly all of the treatment plan should be done "in house".

                                         vi.            The specific procedures which the applicant is expected to be proficient in and expected to perform are:   amalgam and composite restorations, single and double canal Endodontic therapy, extraction of erupted teeth and roots either routinely or simple surgical procedures, prophylaxis, periodontal scaling & root planning.

b.      Clearly communicates the oral health status of the patient using appropriate terminology, technology and format.

c.       Provides safe, evidence-based, cost-effective, individualized dental patient care.

d.      Utilizing Health Center computer systems, records patient-dentist transactions as they occur in the patient’s dental record so that the dental record accurately and completely reflects the nature of the contact, the condition of the patient and the care or treatment provided. In addition the Dentist shall complete referrals, data collections instruments and other records or paper works as shall be required from time to time by the health center.

e.      Educates individuals in the nature of oral health related conditions and in the general promotion of oral health related disease prevention.

f.        Responsible for personal full compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and center rules, regulations, protocols and procedures governing the practice of dentistry and the clinical provision of dental care as well as those relating to, but not limited to, personnel issues, work place safety, public health and confidentiality.


2.        PROFESSIONAL ROLE         

a.       Promote personal development and clinical dental excellence.

b.      Systematically access, monitor, and make judgments about the quality of dental care provided by peers as measured against “Best Practices”.

c.       Assists in the provision of continuing education, on-the-job training, and the orientation of health center staff as requested.

d.      Designs, develops, and implements appropriate Dental Department policies, protocols and procedures as directed by the Center CEO which are in compliance with the most current accepted professional standards.

e.      Assists in the provision of technical assistance and health education to the community as requested.

f.        Provides consultation to the CEO and the Board of Directors regarding dental and oral health issues.

g.       Assists in the coordination and integration of the health center’s dental programs and services with other center programs and services for the welfare of the center’s patients.

h.      Facilitates and participates in multi-disciplinary education and clinical supervision.

i.         Promotes evidence-based practice through the use of the latest research-based guidelines and the development of practice-based research.

j.        Monitors the effectiveness of their clinical practice through quality assurance strategies such as the use of audit and peer review.

k.       Participates in continuing professional development opportunities to ensure that up-to-date evidence-based knowledge and competence in all aspects of the role is maintained.

l.         Keeps up to date with pertinent health-related policy and work with the health care team to consider the impact and strategies for implementation. 

m.    Pro-actively promotes the role of the Dentist within the Health Center, and externally to key stakeholders and agencies.




3.        TEAM ROLE

a.       Leads the dental team.

b.      Exercises direct supervision of the hygienists and dental assistants

c.       Works with the Center’s health care team and others in developing new roles, responding to changing service area healthcare needs.

d.      As a dental clinician, be available to support other healthcare team members and to accept referrals from other team members.

e.      Values all team members.

f.        Supports effective communication channels between the whole team.


4.            ORGANIZATIONAL

a.       Participates in organizational decision making, assists in the interpretation of variations in outcomes and uses data from information systems to improve practice.

b.      Participates in short and long term program planning for the Dental Department and the health center, including development of goals and objectives.

c.       Serves on the dental staff and other center committees as assigned.

d.      Prepares specific reports as requested by the health center’s CEO.

e.      Travels when necessary to fulfill the health center’s needs and attends meetings as necessary to represent the health center and/or the Dental Department.

f.        Completes records, audits, reports and respond to appropriate questions and requests. 

g.       Attends and participates in all required staff, education and supervisory meetings.

h.      As directed by the CEO, performs other related and/or necessary tasks to achieve organizational and programmatic goals and objectives.


5.            Perform All Other Duties as Assigned By The CEO.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1.       Clinical dental knowledge and reasoning skills

2.       Knowledge and skill in the application of Best Practices software such as “Up to Date”.

3.       Ability to read and speak English.

4.       Ability to accurately and articulately communicate and document information in a timely manner, per policy.

5.       Ability to give and receive feedback.

6.       Knowledge of fiscal matters and operating policies and procedures

7.       Ability to function effectively and collegially within established channels of communication to perform job responsibilities.

8.       Able to establish and maintain an effective professional working relationship with co-workers, patients, outside agencies and the public at large.

9.       Interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively, professionally and calmly with other health center employees.

10.   Ability to follow all workplace policies and procedures.

11.   Excellent computer skills and the ability to work with an Electronic Health Record.

12.   Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

13.   Excellent analytic and organizational skills.

14.   Able to effectively represent the Center in a positive and professional manner in the community.

15.   Demonstrated skill in team work, collegiality and mentoring.


Education and Experience

1.       Graduation from an accredited school of dentistry.

2.       Active state license.

3.       1 to 3 years’ experience preferred.

4.       DEA Certification

5.       CPR Certification

6.       Experience with Electronic Health Records.

7.       Experience working in a family health center preferred.