Lyons Creek Dental Care


At Lyons Creek, patients are more likely to express their personalities and opinions because they are within a comfortable environment.  Our patients will be more interested in seeking treatment in a modern, technologically advanced practice which offers a broad range of preventative and reconstructive oral and dentofacial services.  Lyons Creek is committed to providing comprehensive and preventative care for all patients.  Lyons Creek focuses on providing world-class customer service, lasting relationships, and an unyielding dedication to quality.

The strongest assets of Lyons Creek are the ability to listen to the patient, and incorporating the patient’s expectations when communicating options for improving their immediate and future dental health.  Patients will be supported by a personable, approachable team concerned with building their trust and confidence.  The practice will provide a relaxed, open forum in which a patient can consider or express a new desire for dental care. 


We're likely to be the most approachable, positive, and grounded group of providers you have met in dentistry.  We are also proud to be the flagship dental provider for the SMASH foundation of Seattle.