Herre Holistic Dental

Since 1953, Herre Holistic Dental KC has provided exceptional dental care to Kansas City families. We are a family practice, providing airway-focused, biological dental services to patients as well as maintaining a thriving hygiene patient base. Many of our patients have family members that have been with us since we opened our doors 70 years ago; they came to us as children, and now their children are patients, too. We focus on TMD, airway-centered and early intervention orthodontic treatment, tongue tie releases, biological restorative services, and bioesthetic full mouth restorations. The opportunity for mentorship in all of these areas is available. 

Our location is just 15 minutes from downtown Kansas City, with Leawood being a thriving and central suburban area of the KC metro. So much to do within minutes of our office - shopping, restaurants, parks, Top Golf, wonderful new apartments, and great family homes. Whatever you are looking for, Leawood has it!