Penn Valley Dental

  • Sayre, PA, USA

Our Mission

Our practice is dedicated to creating beautiful, long-lasting smiles and maintaining the oral health of their patients. We provide the highest standard of general, restorative, and aesthetic dental care in a friendly, respectful atmosphere for their community. We go above and beyond in helping patients understanding our treatment with topics related to finances or clinical questions. We focus on providing the community with ethical and compassionate dentistry.

Practice Overview

Our office offers a variety of dental services that center around the proven practice of general dentistry. After almost half a century since the opening of the practice, we have been able to increasingly surpass expectations with customers and maintain long and close relationship with many of them.

Our practice is strategically located in a prosperous, growing PA town in a competition free zone, which it serves while attracting high volume of new patients that growing the practice rapidly.
Our staff is experienced, well trained and handpicked by the owner and have grown with the company.

Historical Summary

Our practice has been serving the community for over 40 years. To this day one of the key accolades the company is known for is its true care and dedication to their patients. Our business has significantly grown and established a reputation far and wide in their area as a true patient centric practice, eliminating the little competition that was left in their operating zone. With more patients subscribing to our unique approach, our company keeps attracting more new patients and our loyal patients keep coming back more than once per year.
Our company has been also consistently expanding by innovating technological equipment and processes in the practice.