Commonwealth Mobile Oral Health Services

Commonwealth Mobile Oral Health Services (CMOHS) is an award winning dental program that has been providing portable oral health services since 1979 to Massachusetts Public Schools Systems, Head Start programs, Special Need Adult programs, as well as Department of Social Services (DSS) and Department of Youth Services (DYS) in Massachusetts.

The program was created at the request of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to provide children in the Commonwealth who were designated as victims of oral health disparities with a suitable oral health alternative in the form of a portable dental home.

CMOHS was created to provide comprehensive dental care to children and adult populations who do not have a dentist/dental home.  Our program is open to all patients, including those on Masshealth, uninsured, and those with private insurance that do not see a dentist regularly.  CMOHS' multiple portal dental teams travel throughout the state to help restore children's and adult's oral health and educate them on the importance of practicing good oral hygiene.