Smart Arches focuses on comprehensive dental implant transformations. Our patients desire a second chance at a beautiful and healthy smile. Our goal is to make a difference by delivering excellent, consistent outcomes in a manner that is seemingly uncomplicated to our patients, despite how complex each case may be.

Our company is formed by some of the best surgeons and prosthodontists in the country. Many of our patients who have been successfully treated at Smart Arches were previously told there was no hope for dental implants or that there was not enough bone to make them candidates for full mouth implants and teeth. We have developed predictable systems to treat almost every patient we see with fixed, immediate teeth (without bone grafting!).

Our company continues to invest in our team, our employees, and in the latest technology. As a result, we can deliver the very best outcomes. Our patients are able to realize their dreams of a new smile and they are reassured by Smart Arches when making this investment into their mouths.