Mint Condition Dental

We are a locally owned group dental practice that believes in creating a space that offers the opportunity to become the best version of oneself! 

We do this by embodying 4 Core Values: 
  • People Focused: We intentionally say "People" and not "Patient" because we believe in consistently serving everyone around us, whether it be our patients, team members, or community as a whole.
  • Growth Minded: We believe in the constant pursuit to become the best version of ourselves , seeking opportunities to maximize time and talent and embrace the opportunity to learn from challenges or setbacks without excuse or blame. 
  • Professional: We believe in providing a complete experience through the highest level of standards, and intentional conversation.
  • Fun!: We believe in balance. Being disciplined in our efforts and celebrating each other along the way.   
We just happen to provide Dental Care. If you feel like you align with these values, we would love to learn more about!