Dynamic Dental

An opportunity with a  4 practice DSO (and growing)  in Coastal North Carolina. We are looking for eager associates who would prefer to avoid the corporate dentistry that is becoming so common in our industry. 
We have a very specific goal of hanging on to our local dentist atmosphere while also harnessing the financial benefits of building a networked group. Our practices are located in a geographical range from Jacksonville, NC to just north of Myrtle Beach! On top of the great locations, part of our metrics for achieving our atmosphere goal is that we want to invest in our dental associates with the opportunities to actually buy and own a practice if they want to. We do offer a sign-on bonus and then if the associate were to want to own, we would also offer owner financing to help them achieve their goals.
Our owner, Dr. Romulus, is the single best dentist I have ever worked for. He is a dedicated mentor, boss, and clinician. He cares about his team and his patients. He has enjoyed his career practicing dentistry and owning his own business and wants to make a space for other young dentists to experience the same fulfillment.