Barry Raphael

 The Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics is leading the way in taking a whole-body approach to addressing airway issues in kids and adults.  Our protocols address structure, function and behavior from 3 years of age with sleep and airway dysfunction to the elderly with OSA.

Dr. Raphael is a specialist in orthodontics with a successful practice for over 40 years.  He changed his approach 14 years ago when he began to understand that malocclusion is merely a symptom of an underlying imbalance in breathing, sleep, or other related health issues.  

You can learn more about him and his approach on his self-written website

Nov 17, 2022
Part time Intern
Barry Raphael
This is the most forward-thinking and gratifying way to practice dentistry that I know of.  You are truly helping children and their families overcome major obstacles to health.   The gifts you will give these children will last their lifetimes. The diagnostic process is complex and more like doing a medical assessment than a dental assessment (within our scope of practice, of course).  Collaboration with other HCP's is common.  Getting to know the patient and their parents is an essential part of the process.  Helping a child become a better version of themselves - physically and mentally - is our ideal outcome. Our office is bright and modern.  There are two docs here now. Our practice income has doubled in the past three years.  Our staff loves their work and is well organized ]. And there is plenty of room for growth and associateship leading to ownership for the right person. We are just 12 miles West of Manhattan.