Access Dental, Dentures & Implants

Founded in 2010, Access Dental, Dentures & Implants was started with the simple ethos of providing dental care for people that did not have the ACCESS to quality dental care at affordable prices.

The founder of Access Dental, Dentures & Implants, Arrash Ahmadnia, graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 2005. His mother, Maryam Ghasemyeh, also graduated from USCSD, but in 1987. His focus on providing dental care for people that would be otherwise marginalized by other dentists has to do with his upbringing.

Dr Ahmadnia was born in Lafayette, LA in 1978. His parents were from Iran, but living in the United States while his father was going to college at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. During that time, the Iranian Revolution happened, and his family was not able to go back. Being separated from their family back home, the family traveled from state to state, while his father taught part-time at different schools. During that period of time, his mother was able to acquire her bachelors in Chemistry, and was accepted to the University of Southern California School of Dentistry.

Growing up as the child of immigrants, Dr Ahmadnia knew how truly fortunate he was to be born and raised in this country. This country provided him and his family with the ACCESS to achieve the 'American Dream.' It allowed his father to become Chairman of the Computer Science Department at the University of La Verne, while also being an adjunct professor the the California State University, Fullerton, his mother to become a dentist in Orange County, California, and his sister, Shaadee, to graduate with her masters in Environmental Policy from Yale University.

From that type of upbringing, Dr Ahmadnia has tried to provide people with ACCESS to quality care, regardless of where they lived, what they looked like, or how much money they make. His belief that 'everybody will be treated the same' is the foundation of Access Dental, Dentures & Implants--all patients, regardless of how much they make, or what insurance they have, get the same, quality material. There are no 'Medicaid only' materials in inventory. This one feature is what has separated Access Dental, Dentures & Implants from other organizations that fill this space in the dental world.

The goal of Dr Ahmadnia, his partners, associates, directors and staff, is to lead Access Dental, Dentures & Implants into the future, and provide quality care and compassion to any patient that steps foot into our practices. We are excited to see what the future has in store, and looking forward to expand and bring on other like-minded doctors, hygienists, and team members into our network.