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Frequently Asked Questions for the Associate Doctor

What is our Mission and our approach to dentistry?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of pediatric dental health care in a respectful, kind, caring, and supportive manner. We strive to nurture, educate, and inspire. We are dedicated to positively influencing the health, growth, development, and self-esteem of our patients. 

We have a behavioral guidance program established that encourages positive behavior. We do offer in-office GA with a mobile anesthesiologist (MD) when needed .

We offer mentorship with other pediatric dentists. There is also the opportunity to engage with other specialists that we have built strong relationships with.


How is my pay calculated? How often do I get paid?

Our associates are paid a healthy competitive daily rate along with an attainable quarterly bonus based on the success of the office. We believe in a true team environment and are more concerned with the success of an office as a whole. Our compensation system encourages teamwork while still allowing each individual provider to be compensated fairly.

We pay our pediatric dentist biweekly but other arrangements can be made if needed.

Are there any basic benefits?

We have an extensive list of benefits including medical insurance, dental insurance, 401K, continuing educational allowances . . . and much more. We pride ourselves in being able to develop benefit packages that are fully customizable for you and for what you value. For more specific information please request our associate dentist benefits summary.


How many days a week will I work? 

We consider full time 4 days a week. That being said, if you are the right fit for our group we can discuss part time or full time opportunities ranging anywhere from 1 to 5 days per week.


Will I start seeing patients on the first day?

We are invested in our doctors for the long haul. We have found that an onboarding period for the associate allows for a much smoother transition from the time of their hiring to the time they begin to see their patients. During this onboarding period we want you to develop an understanding for the practice culture, to learn how we talk to patients and to each other, to observe and start to learn our systems and to become familiar with our treatment planning philosophy. Onboarding periods are based upon needs and comfort. We will have support and time for collaboration for treatment planning with the other doctors. We have found that this period allows for a higher level of confidence and best prepares you for being successful. 

Dr. Kelley is the pediatric specialist that will work with all new pediatric dentists to our organization. Dr. Goldie is another of our experienced pediatric dentists that is a great teacher and mentor. Dr. Jason works with some of the non-specialists in the group. You will develop relationships with all 3 during the on-boarding process and they will be available to address any and all questions and concerns. 

What insurances will I be required to participate with? Do you take Medicaid and/or other state assisted insurance?

Our group participates with the higher paying PPO insurances in the area.  We participate with state assisted insurance in some of our offices for children only and where there is a large need in the community. Unfortunately these children have no other options that are in their best interest. We do a very good job of limiting the amount of medicaid appointments per provider.


Is there someone I can discuss cases with? Will the more experienced dentists help me grow and perform more difficult procedures?

Our doctors pride themselves on constantly working together to discuss cases and treatment plans.  We have regularly scheduled study clubs. Dr. Kelley, Dr. Goldie and Dr. Jason will make themselves available weekly for the sole purpose of mentoring our new doctor. This could be as simple as looking at x-rays together or having one of us assist you with a procedure. We also have Dr. Mike available to coach and mentor any orthodontic treatments you would like to know more about or perform as well as Dr. Andy, our oral surgeon who is always available for treatment planning and procedural questions and concerns


Does the office require me to take a certain amount or type of CE? Is there a CE compensation package?

Yes. We have certain CE requirements for our associates. These are typically a combination of online study and conventional courses. These requirements can be made available to you. We offer CE reimbursement as part of the benefit package


Will there be opportunity for eventual equity? 

There are many different levels of equity opportunity. After the 90 day introductory period, if you are interested, We can outline all levels of equity available. These opportunities can range from minority stakes to equal partnerships.