Wicks Dentistry

  • 154 Main Street, Bucksport, ME, USA

We are a unique private care practice located along the beautiful Penobscot River. Our community is made up of wonderful people who span the age gamut from age 2-103. The practice is coordinated with a group of Independent Practicing Dental Hygienists. Imagine, if you will, the ability to practice with the knowledge that there is a consistent flow of new patients without ever having to supervise or hire another hygienist in your career. As a result, the dental care that we deliver is without interruption as is usually found in the usual dental practice. Low stress, along with a fee profile that results in satisfactory profitability and minimal dental benefit complications, are the cornerstones that makes Wicks Dentistry a much sought after career choice. Give us a call-let’s get the ball rolling! Frankly, what do you have to lose??